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Directed by Angeline Loo, Asuka Sylvie, Ghazaleh Golbakhsh, HASH, Julie Zhu, Michelle Ang, Nahyeon Lee, Yamin Tun

Cast: Dharshi Ponnampalam, Eliana Hwang, Izumi Sugihara, Katlyn Wong, Masoumeh Hesam Mahmoudinezhad, Mya Williamson, Patricia Senocbit, Rena Owen, Shetty, Sneha, Vicki Lu

Set in the same house at 11 Rua Road in Auckland, New Zealand, across several decades. KĀINGA navigates the thorny terrain of home in Aotearoa New Zealand from the perspectives of a diverse group of Asian-Kiwi women including: a Māori-Chinese teen attempting to bring together the two sides of her family, a hardworking Filipina nurse working to send remittance back to her family, and a Tamil Eelam woman determined to dig up a long-buried time capsule.

Part of CAAMFest’s Pacific Showcase KĀINGA is produced by Kerry Warkia (WARU, VAI ), KĀINGA features segments from eight different Asian women directors to explore the historical connection to tangata whenua (the Māori people) and the complexities of the age-old question, “What makes a house a home?”

Director Julie Zhu expected to attend for a post-screening Q&A

Community Partners: Asian American Women Artists Association, API Council, AAPI Women Lead

Plays in

Pacific Showcase

A series of films and convos to deeper understanding of Pacific Island history and culture.

Dates & Times



Sat, May 13
3:15 pm