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Directed by Caylee So

Cast: Chrisna Chhor, Doua Moua, Perry Yung, Ying Yuen

After a car accident leaves his family in need of help, estranged son Thai (Doua Moua, MULAN, GRAN TORINO) returns home to aid his stubborn, and traditional Hmong father (Perry Yung, Warrior), only to set off a chain of events that will affect his entire family and the secrets they have been keeping from each other.

Director Caylee So brings a unique take on the family drama, setting it against the backdrop of a close-knit Hmong community that strives to hold on to its cultural roots. But as tensions rise, Thai, must choose which is more important: trying to heal his family or living a life free from the burden of stifling traditions.

Filmmaker Caylee So expected to attend for a post-screening Q&A.

Community Partners: API Council, Lavender Phoenix, AYPAL, Southeast Asian Development Center

Dates & Times



Sat, May 20
6:00 pm