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Directed by Romeo Candido

Cast: Clarence Jura, Cyrena Fiel, Daniel Keith Morrison, Ginette Claudette, Martina Josée Ortiz Luis, Nicco Lorenzo Garcia, Noah Lamanna

We love a feel-good, musical coming-of-age dramedy! Filmmaker and composer Romeo Candido (Prison Dancer) returns to CAAMFest with TOPLINE, a web series that follows 16-year old Tala as she navigates the music industry in Hannah Montana-fashion, under the alter-ego of “Illisha.” After one of her songs goes viral online, Tala is invited to join a mysterious, high-pressure music production team that creates hits for superstars. Must deviate from her Filipino family’s expectations to become a nurse in order to make sense of who she is and who she hopes to be? The film’s music (from a crazy talented cast no doubt and all written by Candido) not only serves as a hype vessel for embracing self-expression, but also as an impactful way to understand identity, grief, and path in life.

Stay after for a Q&A with filmmaker Romeo Candido.

Community Partners: Balay Kreative, Bindlestiff Studio, TRAKTIVIST, AYPAL

Dates & Times


The New Parkway Theater

Sun, May 21
3:30 pm