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Retrospective Spotlight: Rea Tajiri

The CAAMFest Spotlight program recognizes an Asian American filmmaker who has a substantial body of work, as well as a new film that furthers that legacy. Rea’s WISDOM GONE WILD builds upon her aesthetic that marries documentary and art. The origins of her lyrical style can be seen in her groundbreaking documentary HISTORY AND MEMORY: FOR AKIKO AND TAKASHIGE and narrative, STRAWBERRY FIELDS.

For those interested in inventive approaches to narrative documentaries, the cross-section of history / culture / identity, Asian-Americanists of every age and industry, community advocates, students, and every generation with an immigrant past.

In this program

History & Memory Still

RETROSPECTIVE // History and Memory: For Akiko and Takashige

Directed by Rea Tajiri

History and Memory is canonical, experimental, pushes and breaks boundaries of documentary filmmaking.

Retrospective: Strawberry Fields

Directed by Rea Tajiri

Equal parts coming-of-age movie, historical drama, and ghost story.


Directed by Rea Tajiri

What happens when we don’t resist dementia and enter into their world?