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The Mourning After

After the last four(ever) years, we are here. In a place where we are NOT not grieving. Whether it is the reality of never returning to the before times, the passing of loved ones, or climbing out of burnout, our grief IQ is a real thing. In their way of saying its okay to not be okay, these ardent filmmakers confront how death hits those left behind, gifting these stories to help metabolize our emotions together in a dark theater. Bring your tissues for this one.

Some of us who need a good cry, folks who are going through it, those who have loved and lost, IFNJ personalities who live to feel, ISFJ/ ESFJ fam who are first responders in their communities.

Community Partners: FMHI-SF

In this program

Carrion Still


Directed by Yvonne Zhang

Isolated in a desert motel, a young girl must confront death and her mother’s grief after she digs up a carcass.

Lahi Still 1


Directed by Reina Bonta

While visiting O’ahu to sell her late Grandmother’s house, a young Filipina American woman must confront her disconnection to her cultural identity.


Directed by Liz Sargent

After their mother’s death, a cognitively disabled woman and her estranged sister must learn to communicate in order to move forward.

the van


Directed by Bernard Badion

A man and his stubborn, widowed father clash over a broken down van while moving under a tight deadline.

Dates & Times



Sat, May 20
9:00 pm