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A Soy Story with Second Generation Seeds

Somewhere in its lifetime, the soybean has gone from a humble, resilient bean to a popular versatile global commodity and more recently a super villain in the plant-based discourse. Join in with modern day stewards of our ancestors’ seeds, local chefs and eaters, and those who just love (or love to hate) on the mighty little soybean. Together, we’ll journey through the culinary landscape of soy in all its forms from hot milk to creamy yuba, tofu, and tempe in a night of storytelling and tastings. Second Generation Seeds farmers have been tending to the kinships across the Asian diaspora through crops like soybeans who have evolved alongside us. They are here to remind us that seeds carry with them memories and histories transported through generations and across borders and to care for them is to nurture our connection to each other.

A Soy Story will feature farmer Kristyn Leach, Chef Steve Joo of Joodooboo, eco-educator Aileen Suzara, artist Dohee Lee, and tasty bites by QT Viet Cafe. Our host for the evening will be Cecilia Lei, host and producer of Fifth & Mission Podcast.

Community Partners: Foodwise, Slow Food East Bay

Dates & Times



Thu, May 18
7:00 pm