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An interstellar collaboration with these two chef-visionaries is serving all the stars in our eyes and the stories of a familiar future on a plate with a fork and spoon. Executive Chef Tara Monsod of Animae and James Beard nominated Chef-Owner Francis Ang of Abacá’s menu promises unique untold flavors of possibility, designed to transport us into and beyond diaspora, time, and place.

Gone are the days of punching down flavors to appease the unseasoned palette. We’ll be calling these culinary wayfinders in for a spirited conversation, learning firsthand how chefs are paving the way towards a future that’s rich in collaboration, bold profiles, and unapologetic swag.

We are casting this invite to culinary enthusiasts, home chefs, those who speak the love language of quality time, super tasters, and folks who believe that eating good food is an act of self love. Our chefs will be dishing up indulgent courses family-style amidst the backdrop of sonic beats so pull up a chair, we want you there!

Chef Francis Ang was born in San Francisco, but spent his formative years in the Philippines. Memories of his family’s kitchen in Manila has brought Ang and his wife-biz partner, Dian, back to the islands for a deeper dive into the diversity of local cuisine from origin to evolution. Abacá is their gift to the world, named by Esquire’s America’s Best New Restaurant and a James Beard Semi Finalist for best new restaurant, it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Chef Tara Monsod, one of the most celebrated chefs in San Diego, has been honing her fine-dining craft for nearly a decade. She’s recently taken over the mantle of Executive Chef for the acclaimed Animae, and has been raising the bar on how to build an inclusive kitchen culture and cultivate a generous dining experience for guests. Chef Tara’s food is a reflection of her life growing up first gen Asian in America. She’s on a mission to push the boundaries of Filipino and Asian American flavors, reimagining the traditional and disrupting everything our taste buds have ever known. We are so ready! Kain na!

***Please note that ticket price does not include gratuity and any additional drinks that guests would like to purchase.


*Menu is nut-free; gluten-free items are marked GF

**The dishes are carefully composed with thoughtful deliberation from our chefs and we will be serving them as intended. We are unable to make modifications or vegan substitutes. We thank those with dietary specifications to consider this in their decision to attend. 

Welcome Drink 

HALIBUT KILAWIN | Rose Water Calamansi, Green Strawberries, Rhubarb (GF) 

SQUID SALAD | Dragon Fruit, Daikon, Grapefruit Chili Vinaigrette, Mint (GF)

LECHON KAWALI | Apple Pate Sarsa,  Figs (GF)



TAIWANESE FRIED CHICKEN | Szechuan Peppercorn, Hot Honey, Thai Basil Aioli (GF)

 ITLOG MAALAT FLAN | Kaluga Caviar, Asparagus, Shallots (GF)



TOCINO PORK CHOP | Green Mango Sawsawan 

BRANZINO CHẢ CÁ | Rice Noodles, Nước chấm, Dill (GF)

SEAFOOD PALABOK | Chicharon, Smoked Tinapa, Yu choi (GF)

MALUNGGAY PANDESAL | Truffle Toyo Butter 


DESSERTS STATION (Private Dining Room)



UBE PROFITEROLE | Cheddar Cheese 

CARIOCA | Mango, Caramel (GF)


Dates & Times



Tue, May 16
5:00 pm


Tue, May 16
7:30 pm