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These leaders in dance, law, politics, and youth organizing, take brave steps toward their highest ideals. From performance prowess to professional leadership and praiseworthy mentorship excellence is on view. Following individuals through journeys of becoming, these films inspire reflection on our collective aspirations and what it means to lead.

Expected Guests in Attendance: Director Jennifer Lin (Ten Times Better), Producer Jon Funabiki (Ten Times Better), Assistant Director Bridgette Yang (Mia’s Mission), Director MG Evangelista (Duckworthy), Director Chithra Jeyaram (Desi Mom)


Open Captions: Some, but not all, films in this program have open captions.
Closed Captions: Some, but not all, films in this program have closed captions.
Audio Descriptions: There are no audio descriptions.
ASL Interpreters: There is no ASL interpretation.

In this program

Ten Times Better

Directed by Jennifer Lin

Refugee chronicle meets American Dream story meets dance film, celebrating Asian American ballet pioneer George Lee.

Mia’s Mission

Directed by Jireh Deng

After coming out as transgender at 60, Mia continues to strive to rally communities of color and bring visibility to queer identities.


Directed by MG Evangelista

Senator Tammy Duckworth on her personal history and disability, veteran, and women’s rights.

Desi Mom

Directed by Chithra Jeyaram

Apolitical mom finds her voice: Lakshmi urges South Asians to shape their children’s and local future.

Votes for Verona

Directed by Joseph Duque

Verona Sagato-Mauga, a first-generation American business owner in Salt Lake County, Utah, campaigns to become the first Samoan to win a state legislative seat in the continental United States.


Directed by Aisha Sultan

A young, first-time voter struggles with her election choices and seeks guidance from a community elder.


Directed by Grace Lee

Inspiring stories of cross-generational mentorship and youth political education crafts a hopeful view of the future.

Dates & Times


Roxie Theater

Sun, May 12
12:00 pm