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Matters of Belief

Faith, ritual, conjuring, dreams – the investments that assemble our belief systems are expansively diverse. These films show how rituals mark the rhythm of our lives and speak to our ability to manifest change around us through the power of belief.

Expected Guests in Attendance: Director Samina Saifee (Ayat), Director Catherine Nguyen (White Butterfly), Director Laura Skokan (The Fanatics), Director Jacqueline Chan (Chan is Fishing), Director Mitch Truong (Dawn of Skates)


Open Captions: Some, but not all, films in this program have open captions or English subtitles.
Closed Captions: There are no closed captions.
Audio Descriptions: There are no audio descriptions.
ASL Interpreters: There is no ASL interpretation.

In this program


Directed by Samina Saifee

After a grave loss, an Islamic Sunday school teacher’s lessons begin to unsettle his reality.

White Butterfly

Directed by Catherine Nguyen

A return to Vietnam offers a Vietnamese American daughter a portal into her late mother’s Hau Dong ritual practice.

The Fanatics

Directed by Laura Skokan

A desperate mother is willing to pursue any means necessary to recover her daughter after the collapse of a cult.

im in love with edgar allan poe

Directed by Andrea Walter

Two goth besties search for chicken innards for a ritual to resurrect Edgar Allan Poe.

Chan is Fishing

Directed by Jacqueline Chan

An aging Hong Kong immigrant searches for the fishing spot pictured on a postcard from an old friend.

Dawn of Skates

Directed by Mitch Truong

Through visits to the roller rink and the unexpected mentorship she receives there, a Vietnamese American teen finds the confidence to perform.

Dates & Times


The New Parkway Theater

Sun, May 19
12:00 pm