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Out/Here has been a vital institution celebrating queer stories and storytellers at CAAMFest for over a decade. This year, we’re thinking about the social and emotional landscape of gender. How do our experiences of gender shape the relationships with ourselves and others?

Expected Guests in Attendance: Director Emory Chao Johnson (默 (To Write from Memory)), Director Hao Zhou (Wouldn’t Make It Any Other Way), Marc Marcos (Wouldn’t Make It Any Other Way)


Open Captions: Some, but not all, films in this program have open captions or English subtitles.
Closed Captions: There are no closed captions.
Audio Descriptions: There are no audio descriptions.
ASL Interpreters: There is no ASL interpretation.

In this program


Directed by Rraine Hanson

A theatrical and collagic exploration of childhood fantasies set in Manhattan Chinatown.

Squeegee Boy

Directed by Chung-Wei Huang

A trans Asian American preteen finds friendship among squeegee boys, with whom issues of race and gender collide.

默 (To Write from Memory)

Directed by Emory Chao Johnson

A mother’s alienating treatment of her child’s transness serves as a soundtrack to the rituals of daily life for a young person growing into their adult life.

The Performance

Directed by Claire Zhou

In a coming out of her own, an immigrant mother navigates her religious community’s disapproval of her child’s gender expression.


Directed by Fatimah Asghar

In a soul retrieval at the threshold of fantasy and reality, a young woman retraces a moment frozen in time to recover her past self from sexual trauma.

Wouldn’t Make It Any Other Way

Directed by Hao Zhou

The colorful queer life of a sewing virtuoso in Iowa is punctuated by their return home to Guam.

Dates & Times


Roxie Theater

Sun, May 12
2:35 pm