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Stories as Power (Fishbowl Breakouts)

A fishbowl discussion structure with smaller groups and panelists covering these 4 topics: 1) Reclaiming the Means of (Story) Production, 2) Place-Based Storytelling, 3)  Oral Traditions, 4) Microdocs

About Fishbowl: A fishbowl discussion structure allows the audience to be active listeners but also active contributors. With the help of a moderator guiding the discussion on a proposed topic, we will begin the session with several panelists launching the conversation. A seat will be open for any audience member to immediately join and add to the conversation.  The goal is an evolving and active discussion for all.

GROUP 1: Reclaiming the Means of (Story) Production

Filmmaking as a medium is often inaccessible because of high barriers to entry. How do we democratize and reclaim the means of (video and story) production? Join our filmmaking and organizing community to discuss how we engage each other in this process and use the medium as a way to build collective power through cultural archiving.

GROUP 2: Place-based Storytelling

How do place and land dictate our stories? Join A-Doc along with our filmmaking and organizing community to think about place-based storytelling as a way to use landscape, history, and oral testimony to harness the unique power of leveraging home as a way to tell stories and work within our communities.

GROUP 3: Oral Traditions

How can we preserve our oral traditions, history and cultural practices? Join this conversation to (re)imagine the ways that oral tradition can be centered as part of our filmmaking and organizing practices, where knowledge, art, ideas and cultural material is received, preserved, and transmitted orally from one generation to another, that celebrates the Asian diaspora and deepens cross-cultural exchange.

GROUP 4: Microdocs

In a time of overlapping crises and increased polarization, our stories hold immense power to build narrative shifts alongside movement work happening on the ground. Join Microdocs filmmakers to gain insights into the essentials of short-form storytelling and strategic framing for impact to tell current and necessary stories for our communities.

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Dates & Times


Four One Nine

Sat, May 11
11:20 am

Four One Nine

Sat, May 11
10:00 am