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CAAMFest 2015

My Fair Wedding

Directed by Jang Hee-sun

CinemAsia / South Korea / 2014 / 94 mins / Korean with English subtitles / Color / DCP / North America Premiere

My Fair Wedding

Castro Theatre
March 15, 2015 9:40 pm Not Available


Only a few nuptials are ever legitimately worthy of large public spectacle. Prince William and Kate Middleton, please make room for Gwang-Soo and Dave. Film director Gwang-Soo and producer Dave have been romantically involved for about nine years and have 19 years between them in age. In an intimate and candid documentary shot by Jang Hee-sun, we follow Gwang-Soo and Dave as they plan their landmark wedding, the first same-sex marriage performed in South Korea. However, with tradition and conservatism broken, gay marriage opponents make their displeasure heard loud and clear before and during the grooms’ special day.

A light-hearted love story with strong undertones about marriage equality, MY FAIR WEDDING offers a first-hand account on overcoming adversity and how a milestone event goes beyond just one couple. Sometimes humorous and always engaging, this film is an eye-opener on societal inequity and cultural taboo as well as a jubilant celebration of love, coming out, and living freely and fiercely.

– Karen Datangel

Expected Guests in Attendance:

Dave Kim (Subject)

Kim Jho Gwang-soo (Subject)

Co-Presenters: Gay Asian Pacific Alliance & API Equality Northern California 


Producer: Kim Jung-Young
Cinematographer: Moon Myung-Hwan
Editor: Hee-Sun Jang
Sound: Ko A-Young, Kim Young-Ho
Cast: Kim Dave, Kim Jho Gwang-Soo

Dates & Times

My Fair Wedding

Castro Theatre
March 15, 2015 9:40 pm Not Available