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CAAMFest 2016


SHORTS / 89 mins


Roxie Theatre
March 12, 2016 5:00 pm At Rush


What does it mean to be American? Wealth, new beginnings, excitement and uncertainty — sometimes, it isn’t all it seems. From leaving home in search of opportunity and prosperity to having to hide who you really are, these stories illuminate the trials and tribulations of the journey to the American dream.

– Jill Kizer and Laura Priscilla Paule

Co-presented by: AACO, Asian Business League

In This Program

  1. Am I American

    Anna Oh / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Bay Area Connection, Documentary, Short, Social Issue / 9 mins
    If you are an immigrant in a country made of immigrants, how do you define what it is to be “American”? As Anna reflects on her family’s story, she asks others about their joys and pains in their attempts to be “American.”

  2. Donut Shop

    Robert Riutta / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Short / 15 mins
    For some, immigration means running away from something dreadful while also leaving behind something precious. Oakland, CA, donut shop owner Sam shares his story of loss and perseverance during and after the Khmer Rouge genocide.

  3. Escape

    Zia Islam / SHORTS / United States / 2014 / Drama, Short, Thriller / 15 mins
    Two paramedics are on standby for an illegal immigrant police raid. Tense and uneasy, they find themselves at odds choosing between following orders and risking their freedom and livelihoods to help keep a family together.

  4. Home is a Hotel

    Kevin Wong / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Documentary, Short / 11 mins
    In San Francisco’s iconic Chinatown, Huan Di attempts to make a proper life for herself and her daughter in a single room occupancy hotel. She illustrates the experience of living in an 8’x10’ room, a basic type of housing that is steadily disappearing for SF’s struggling working class.

  5. In Search of America Inshallah

    Danish Renzu / SHORTS / United States / 2014 / Short / 25 mins
    Travelling from Pakistan to L.A., Shaheen hopes to find her husband who left for America and better opportunity many years ago. Lost in an unknown land, her path intersects with the stories of three other people earnestly attempting to be themselves and to be happy.

  6. Noodle Deli

    David Liu / SHORTS / United States / 2015 / Documentary, Short, Student / 14 mins
    In a small restaurant of Temple City, CA, a man’s long and arduous journey in America leads him to fulfill his dreams, as humble and satisfying as a bowl of lovingly made noodles.

Dates & Times


Roxie Theatre
March 12, 2016 5:00 pm At Rush