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CAAMFest 2016


SHORTS / 78 mins


Alamo Drafthouse
March 12, 2016 9:20 pm At Rush


New Parkway Theater
March 19, 2016 5:20 pm Not Available


Engage your senses as you peer through the lens of a kaleidoscope to view a spectrum of stories, ideas and expression. The detailed and experimental elements of THE OUT(ER) LIMITS carry you on an intimate visual journey of dance, music, art and identity in the LGBTQ universe.

— Brian Ray

Co-presented by: Frameline, API Equality Northern CaliforniaQueer Cultural Center

In This Program

  1. Absence: no fats, no femmes, no Asians

    Celeste Chan / SHORTS / USA / 2014 / Gay/Lesbian, Short, women / 7 mins
    Queer artist and writer Celeste Chan’s ABSENCE: NO FATS, NO FEMMES, NO ASIANS explores traits commonly suppressed by the mainstream. Subject Esther Kim shares her desires for a stronger queer, fat, Asian American and femme utopia where all four traits are embraced and celebrated.

  2. Do Not Think For a Moment

    Adria Siu & Vivian Wang / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Bay Area Connection, Documentary, Experimental, Gay/Lesbian, Short, women / 3 mins
    Bay Area directors Adria Siu and Vivian Wang challenge stereotypes of gender, sexuality and race in DO NOT THINK FOR A MOMENT. The subjects, three Asian American women, share their experiences, frustrations and identity amid the backdrop of San Francisco’s Castro District and other neighborhoods.

  3. Eclipse (ruby)

    Viet Le / SHORTS / USA, Vietnam / 2015 / Gay/Lesbian, Short / 5 mins
    Released on the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam War and now making its Bay Area premiere, local filmmaker Viet Le’s ECLIPSE (RUBY) is multisensory poetry expressed through a trans lens. Le’s expression-filled film rides waves of movement and meaning, accompanied by music from controversial, legendary musicians Dai Lam Linh.

  4. For the Love of Unicorns

    Genevieve Erin O'Brien / SHORTS / USA / 2014 / Family, Gay/Lesbian, Short / 5 mins
    A queer, Asian American, gender non-conforming utopia lies at the heart of Genevieve Erin O’Brien’s FOR THE LOVE OF UNICORNS. The film represents this message through an adorable story of a young girl’s trip to a carnival and her hopes to see her favorite animal there — a unicorn.

  5. It Runs in the Family

    Joella Cabalu / SHORTS / Canada, Philippines, United States / 2015 / Short / 45 mins
    Premiering in the Bay Area and directed by local Joella Cabalu, IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY is an intimate portrait of acceptance within the modern queer family. Cabalu follows her LGBTQ family members’ lives as she learns from hearing about their experiences how to build more meaningful, respectful relationships.

  6. Mansions on The Moon feat. Zee Avi: Heart of the Moment

    Choz Belen / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Animation, Experimental, New Media / Web, Short / 5 mins
    Southern California-based musicians Mansions on the Moon’s Bay Area premiere of their Steven Nguyen and Choz Belen-directed music video wisps two women away to a neon universe full of adventure and danger. They explore the depths, run from otherworldly monsters and, finally, discover one another with transcending results.

  7. Molten Tea

    Laura Hyunjhee Kim / SHORTS / USA / 2014 / Gay/Lesbian, Short / 4 mins
    Local multimedia artist Laura Kim unapologetically dives into a rainbow of lo-fi Internet visual and pop music trends in MOLTEN TEA. With music produced by San Francisco musician Chris Corrente, Kim’s use of filters and effects makes for a kaleidoscope of imagery as we ride along on an uncharted romance.

  8. We are Mangos

    Jeepneys / SHORTS / USA / 2014 / Gay/Lesbian, Short / 4 mins
    Musicians, artists, rappers and cosmic sisters Jeepneys and Low Leaf dance and play in different dimensions in the music video for their collaboration, WE ARE MANGOS. Neon shapes, pulsing beats, psychedelic unitards and, of course, vibrant mangoes fill your eyes and ears with a sensory celebration.

Dates & Times


Alamo Drafthouse
March 12, 2016 9:20 pm At Rush


New Parkway Theater
March 19, 2016 5:20 pm Not Available