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CAAMFest 2016


SHORTS / 91 mins


Alamo Drafthouse
March 16, 2016 6:20 pm At Rush


From pride and joy to fear and anger, everyone faces these emotional swings as they grow into themselves. PORTRAITS FROM THE SCHOOLYARD is a collection of diverse moments and experiences that magnifies the lives of students in and out of class.

— Jill Kizer and Brian Ray

Co-presented by: Asian Pacific Fund

In This Program

  1. America 1979

    Lila Yomtoob / SHORTS / USA / 2014 / Bay Area Connection, Culture, Family, Short / 14 mins
    Racially charged times create complications for Regina and her family during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

  2. Study Abroad 2: The Daydreaming Bunny

    Yung-Jen Yang / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Animation, Narrative Fiction, Short / 21 mins
    Xiaotong is an art student working tirelessly on her art in hopes that her mother will finally accept her dreams as real.

  3. From Tonga

    Huay-Bing Law / SHORTS / United States / 2015 / Documentary, Family, Reality, Short, Student / 13 mins
    Director Huay-Bing Law’s endearing documentary, FROM TONGA, is a slice of life for a high school football team in Euless Texas. Explore time on and off the field for several students who live in a city with a large Polynesian presence and influence.

  4. Born With It

    Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour / SHORTS / Japan / 2015 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 17 mins
    BORN WITH IT tells the story of a young boy who tries to prove to his new peers that there’s much more to him than his skin tone.

  5. Horoscope

    Maya Rudolph / SHORTS / China / 2014 / Coming of age, friendship, women / 16 mins
    Set in Beijing, director Maya Rudolph’s HOROSCOPE follows two school friends on their daily bus ride to class. They meet a unique passenger, who adds a new dimension to their commute and friendship.

  6. Pioneer High

    Suha Araj / SHORTS / USA / 2014 / Short / 10 mins
    January, 1969: Hala leaves her home in Palestine to move to America and enters high school with limited English.

Dates & Times


Alamo Drafthouse
March 16, 2016 6:20 pm At Rush