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CAAMFest 2016


SHORTS / 100 mins


Roxie Theatre
March 13, 2016 4:30 pm Not Available


This family of short films digs down to the roots of bonds between relatives across all generations. Tender, reflective, happy and even difficult moments between siblings, parents and grandparents reveal the foundations of family that tie each character together from womb to tomb.

— Jill Kizer

Co-presented by: Asian Pacific Fund

In This Program

  1. Adrift in Sunset

    Narissa Lee / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Bay Area Connection, Short / 19 mins
    In CAAMFest veteran Narissa Lee’s short film ADRIFT IN SUNSET, Dao decides she’s ready to date. She brings her Alzheimer’s-ridden mother along in order to spend time with her. This takes the date on an unexpected journey filled with love, family and neighborhood nostalgia that will hit home for many.

  2. Ba

    Leandro Tadashi / SHORTS / Brazil / 2015 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 14 mins
    Leandro Tadashi’s BA tells the story of little Bruno as his world is turned upside down by his grandma’s arrival. Though he initially feels nothing toward her and wants life to return to the way it was before she came, he realizes that he cares more than he knows.

  3. The Boardwalk

    Ougie Pak / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Short / 13 mins
    A father-son road trip to the boardwalk turns out to be much more than fun and games. Filled with moments of love and confusion, THE BOARDWALK gives an inside perspective of how much parents will hide from their children to keep them safe.

  4. Christmas in America

    King Lu / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 9 mins
    Director King Lu brings to us a story that many viewers will feel sympathetic and nostalgic toward. CHRISTMAS IN AMERICA tells the story of a Chinese immigrant family trying to make the best of the holidays for their youngest child as they deal with the hardships of being financially unstable.

  5. Jinju

    Crystal Kim / SHORTS / United States / 2015 / Drama, Family, Short / 10 mins
    A mother deepens the connection with her daughter through dealing with her unrelenting sulking throughout the day. Pearl continues to give her mom grief until a precious heirloom is destroyed. Filled with moments of regret and forgiveness, JINJU illustrates that, sometimes, we forget our parents were once children too.

  6. Parachute Girls

    Alex Rubens / SHORTS / USA / 2015 / Short / 10 mins
    Sisters Evelyn and Ellie are “parachute kids” — children from foreign countries that are sent to the US by their parents for schooling. Though both sisters try to live life outside of the distinction and without each other, a family emergency forces them to face the truths they’ve been running from.

  7. Visiting Mum

    Cassandra Nguyen / SHORTS / Australia / 2014 / Short / 20 mins
    Lee takes on all the responsibility when he and his younger brother, Jesse, lose their mom. He becomes distant without having the time to properly grieve, but when Jesse comes with him to visit their mom, Lee learns more about love and loss through bonding with his brother.

Dates & Times


Roxie Theatre
March 13, 2016 4:30 pm Not Available