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CAAMFest in the Mission

May 19, 2018

Nailed It

In 1975, 20 Vietnamese refugee women created a multibillion dollar industry that supports their community to this day. NAILED IT is a captivating exploration of the genesis of how a nail salon ended up in every strip mall – and the survival of a community.
12:20 pm
Not Available

Origin Story

At 14, Kulap Vilaysack discovered that the man she called father was in fact not. Now a successful actor, director, and podcaster, Kulap embarks on a quest that takes her from Minnesota and the Mekong to disentangle family secrets and the decade-long emotional paralysis that has caused a rift with her mother.
2:10 pm
Not Available

Looking For?

Dating apps have become the most convenient, and sometimes safest, way for gay men to connect in the obstacle course of sexuality, romance, and friendship. Swipe through 60 gay men from seven cities across the globe as they navigate a digital network of millions, searching for love, lust, and loss.
5:10 pm
Not Available

Bitter Melon

BITTER MELON is a tragicomedy from San Francisco filmmaker H.P. Mendoza that follows a family’s attempts to right their wrongs, resulting in the discovery of many unsavory truths. The dark, quirky revenge comedy turns into an exercise in empathy and exploration of family cycles. This is the film's world premiere.
7:30 pm
Not Available


"The ultimate home movie” is back on the big screen just in time for its 15th anniversary! This wacky, eccentric, and boisterous film shot in Daly City, CA promises a good time and is sure to make you crave lumpias (don’t worry, we have you covered). Followed by the trailer world premiere of LUMPIA 2. Be the first to catch a peek of the upcoming sequel!
9:50 pm
Not Available

May 20, 2018

Dead Pigs

The lives of five eccentric social climbers dance and then collide, while a bevy of mysterious pig corpses float lazily towards Shanghai in director Cathy Yan's offbeat and effervescent debut film. With a dazzling ensemble cast and quirky arthouse appeal, DEAD PIGS is a sharply observed portrait of rapidly-changing China.
12:30 pm
Not Available

Anatomy of a Music Video With Ruby Ibarra

Pinay Rapper Ruby Ibarra makes her directorial debut showing how she orchestrated an ambitious vision for her music video of “Us,” working through logistical nightmares and corralling a crowdsourced all-Pinay cast of 200 to create a multi-dimensional narrative. This documentary showcases the song’s global tropes of resistance and solidarity, serving as a Pinay anthem for women to continue rising.
3:40 pm
Not Available

Havana Divas

Caridad and Georgina, octogenarian Cantonese Opera singers who grew up in Havana’s Barrio Chino, trace their place in the history of Cuba’s Chinese diaspora and their role in preserving the last vestiges of this community’s culture.
5:40 pm
Not Available


Joy’s addiction to sex and love is her primary compass for self-worth, and thus far it’s led her to rock bottom. UNLOVABLE is a spirited drama filled with comedic moments that traces the ups and downs of Joy’s path toward accepting herself, finding true friendship — and even being a little OK.
8:00 pm
Not Available