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Gala Presentations

This year's Gala Presentations celebrate diverse and inspiring narratives of Asian Americans that span from the harrowing life story of first Asian American cabinet member Norman Mineta to Kulap Vilaysack's real-life quest for an estranged father in Laos.


Special Presentations

Celebrating CAAMFest's 36th anniversary, this year's Special Presentations feature a diverse and timely lineup of local and international spotlights: a Pacific Islander showcase, a celebration of legendary actress Pei-Pei Cheng’s career, an exploration into Asian Americans in the South, and a poignant showcase of Muslim youth voices.


Music & Live Performances

CAAMFest’s music and live performances bring innovative artists from the underground and international music scene to the Bay Area for cutting-edge performances. This year’s lineup includes music-centric films paired with special live performances, discussions with artists and directors, and a comedy showcase.



CAAMFest36 is sure to allure and satisfy with a series of food-centric films, conversations and events, providing a variety of tastes of Asia and Asian America.



This year, CAAMFest boldly integrates our Narrative Competition and CinemAsia film showcases, creating a snapshot of narrative filmmaking from across the Asian diaspora. Get lost in the streets of metro Manila, where animated monsters cohabitate with humans, or find yourself in the middle of an awkward piece of performance art at a grocery store. With these films, anything is possible.



CAAMFest has been a steadfast platform for unflinching and thought-provoking documentaries, and the films in this year’s competition carry on this tradition, meditating on the power of connection. From a rural Nepalese monastery and the remote forests of Malaysia, to China’s new digital frontier and the New York Yankees dugout, how far will we go to make sense of the past, ourselves, and one another?


CAAMunity Screenings

CAAM is thrilled to partner with esteemed media, arts and nonprofit organizations to bring you CAAMunity, an exciting group of events that highlights our diverse communities through enlightening film programs, moving live performances, and memorable conversations.



Get ready for a feast of the senses! This year’s Shorts program is a buffet of tasty morsels that range from stories of heart break and social activism, to LGBTQ expression, the humor in everyday moments, and tales of what lurks in-between.