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CAAMFest36 is sure to allure and satisfy with a series of food-centric films, conversations and events, providing a variety of tastes of Asia and Asian America.

  1. CAAMFeast: A Conversation with Pei-Pei Cheng

    Join the “Queen of Swords,” actress and martial arts legend Pei-Pei Cheng, in an intimate on-stage conversation at China Live. Dine on a selection of delectable bites and inspired refreshments from executive chef George Chen as we celebrate the career of our CAAMFest Spotlight honoree.
    CAAMFeast: A Conversation with Pei-Pei Cheng

    China Live
    May 14, 2018 7:00 pm Not Available

  2. First Kitchen: Bloodline with Chef Tu David Phu

    James Q. Chan / Food / USA / 2018 / 15 mins
    A sneak-preview of BLOODLINE, directed by CAAMFest alumnus James Q. Chan and featuring chef Tu David Phu (Top Chef 15 and SF Chronicle Rising Star 2017). This vibrant, personal film about food, family and creativity is the premiere episode of the new documentary food series, FIRST KITCHEN. Join us for this special launch-event featuring a film screening and specially crafted selection of appetizers (“street bites") curated by Phu and our host venue Black Cat, as well as an opportunity to meet director Chan, series creator and executive producer Santhosh Daniel, and Phu (who also co-executive producer of the series). Ticket holders will receive a discount to Black Cat’s live jazz performance immediately following the FIRST KITCHEN event—check the Black Cat calendar for artist details (!
    First Kitchen: Bloodline with Chef Tu David Phu

    Black Cat
    May 20, 2018 5:00 pm Not Available

  3. Jimami Tofu

    Jason Chan & Christian Lee / Food / Japan, Singapore / 2017 / Narrative / 121 mins
    Love, food, and a deep connection to place are the savory bites in Ryan’s life. After the disappearance of his wife Yuki, he sets out to find her in her hometown in Okinawa, where he discovers flavors beyond his imagination at her father’s restaurant.
    Jimami Tofu

    New People Cinema
    May 11, 2018 5:10 pm At Rush

    Jimami Tofu

    AMC Kabuki 8
    May 12, 2018 12:30 pm At Rush

  4. Lumpia

    Patricio Ginelsa Jr. / Food / USA / 2003 / 81 mins
    "The ultimate home movie” is back on the big screen just in time for its 15th anniversary! This wacky, eccentric, and boisterous film shot in Daly City, CA promises a good time and is sure to make you crave lumpias (don’t worry, we have you covered). Followed by the trailer world premiere of LUMPIA 2. Be the first to catch a peek of the upcoming sequel!

    Roxie Theater
    May 19, 2018 9:50 pm Not Available

  5. ULAM: Main Dish

    Alexandra Cuerdo / Food / USA / 2017 / Documentary, Feature / 80 mins
    Could it be that Filipino food, the underdog of Asian cuisines, is having its moment at last? In ULAM (main dish in tagalog), Filipino American filmmaker Alexandra Cuerdo tries to answer this question and follows the rise of Filipino food through the experiences of award-winning chefs attempting to move the cuisine to the center of the American table.
    ULAM: Main Dish

    AMC Kabuki 8
    May 11, 2018 7:45 pm At Rush