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Save $9 on 6 regularly-priced tickets with the CAAMFest 6-Pack! Treat yourself to a sampling of the CAAMFest experience, or round up a group for a one-of-a-kind night at the movies!

How to use the 6-Pack

  • Purchase the 6-Pack before selecting tickets. If you do not already have an online account, make sure that you are creating one ( with a username and password) when you purchase the 6-Pack.
  • Sign in with your username/email and password.  Navigate to the show you want see and click ‘buy tickets’.  In the ticket window, there will a price type labeled ‘6-Pack Redemption – $0.00’:
  • Select the quantity of tickets you want and click ‘Add to Cart’.  When you are finished shopping, review the order in your cart, then finalize the transaction.  You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of the order.

If you did not create a username and password when purchasing the 6-Pack, no worries!  Contact the box office at or 415-552-5580, and we will create a temporary one for you.

6-Pack sign in tip: If you have just purchased the 6-Pack and do not see the 6-Pack Redemption price when shopping, try signing out and signing back into your account.

6-Pack Rules and Regulations

  • 6-Packs can be used in any permutation you choose, i.e. 1 ticket for 6 film, 6 tickets for 1 film, etc.
  • 6-Packs do not need to be redeemed at the same time; order some tickets in advance, save a few for day of!
  • 6-Packs are valid for CAAMFest 2018 only.
  • 6-Packs not valid for admission in and of itself; the 6-Pack must be redeemed in advance for tickets before entering the auditorium
  • The 6-Pack can be redeemed online and in person at our Box Offices during Festival
  • The 6-Pack is valid for regularly-priced screenings only.  6 Packs may not be used in combination with other forms of payment.
  • To read more about which screenings are special events, visit our Box Office & Ticketing page.