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An American Story: Norman Mineta and His Legacy

Directed by Dianne Fukami

Gala Presentations / USA / 2018 / Documentary / 60 mins / English / World Premiere

An American Story: Norman Mineta and His Legacy

Castro Theater
May 10, 2018 7:00 pm Not Available


Injustice and struggle define the immigrant experience. For the Japanese community in the Bay Area, the story of Norman Mineta is this struggle and the sheer will to live a dignified life of service. The story of the rise of a young child from Japanese American incarceration during WWII to an adult with political prominence defies the status quo and is another reminder of the impact of immigrants in the U.S.

Dianne Fukami carefully weaves accounts of Mineta’s life and work, which are captured with through the voices of his family, immigrants who valued his voice, and the politicians that respected him. Fukami uses these accounts to convey his passion for service that led to remarkable victories for civil liberties, and his appointment to the administrations of both Republican and Democratic presidents.

Mineta’s optimism drives the narrative of this film with a vigorous sense of loyalty, humility, and energetic drive to pass down valuable lessons to future generations. Part history lesson, part detailed account of the political experience from the eyes of an immigrant, AN AMERICAN STORY: NORMAN MINETA AND HIS LEGACY is required viewing, especially given today’s political climate.

— Phillip Lorenzo

Expected attendees:

Director : Dianne Fukami
Norman Mineta

Co-Presented by: API Council, Fred T. Korematsu Institute, Japanese American Citizens League, Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, National Japanese American Historical Society


Producers: Dianna Fukami, Debra Nakatomi
Executive Producer: Lawrence R. Hott
Writer: Ken Chowder

Dates & Times

An American Story: Norman Mineta and His Legacy

Castro Theater
May 10, 2018 7:00 pm Not Available