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Stand Up Man

Directed by Aram Collier

Narratives / Canada / 2017 / Narrative / 85 mins / English, Korean with English subtitles

Stand Up Man

New People Cinema
May 13, 2018 4:15 pm Not Available


Moses Kim was on the verge of having it all — a burgeoning stand-up career in Toronto and his beautiful soon-to-be wife Yoojin (Rosalina Lee from CAAMFest 2015 opening night film SEOUL SEARCHING) — until his parents go off on a Christian mission to Mali, leaving him to manage the failing family restaurant. Now exiled to the middle of nowhere (read: Windsor, Canada), Kim schemes to get back to his old life. Instead, he’s barely keeping his head above water, with an infant and a wife who’s suddenly disinterested in him.

Kim’s family throws yet another wrench into his plans when his teenage cousin from Korea shows up unexpectedly. A castaway himself, cousin Joon wishes he was anywhere but Windsor, like back home in Korea or even somewhere cooler — America or Australia. But, Joon could be persuaded to stay by the charms of local girl Olga.

Kim is screwed whether he follows his own dreams or fulfills his parents’ expectations. STAND UP MAN is the debut feature from director Aram Collier and is a funny, profane look at the dilemma of a man caught between the two strongest forces of his young life.

— Mordecai Stayton




Expected attendees:
Director: Aram Collier
Talent: Daniel Jun

Co-Presented by: The Consulate General of Canada 


Writers: Aram Collier, Nathalie Younglai
Executive Producer: Borga Dorter
Producers: Aram Collier, Tony Lau, Betty Xie
Cinematographer: Kevin C.W. Wong
Editor: Aram Collier
Cast: Daniel Jun, Daniel Daegun Lee, Rosalina Lee, Antony Hall, Jessie Cox

Dates & Times

Stand Up Man

New People Cinema
May 13, 2018 4:15 pm Not Available