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84 mins


AMC Kabuki 8
May 14, 2018 6:40 pm Not Available


What would life be without fighters and dreamers? Dedicated to everyday heroes, this inspirational program honors those who stand up for their rights, protest in the streets, and fight passionately for social equity. These powerful portraits celebrate the enduring spirit of our diverse communities.

Co-Presented by: Human Rights Campaign 

In This Program

  1. 98 Years* and Counting: More Women Leaders Needed Everywhere

    Kirthi Nath & Zel Anders / Shorts / USA / 2018 / Short / 3 mins
    Women attending the 2018 Women’s March in Oakland are asked about what kind of women they want to see in leadership positions during an uncertain political climate.

  2. Alice At The Store

    Christopher Woon-Chen / Shorts / USA / 2017 / 18 mins
    As her dementia progresses, 92-year-old Alice’s family struggles to provide her proper care. All the while, she finds solace in the store-turned-pub that she and her husband once ran.

  3. American Dreaming

    Matthew Hashiguchi / Shorts / USA / 2017 / 11 mins
    In Georgia, the odds don’t favor undocumented immigrants, particularly college students, who are prevented from enrolling in most of the state’s select public universities.

  4. Hoai (Ongoing, Memory)

    Quyên Nquyen-Le / Shorts / USA / 2017 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 10 mins
    Not long after breaking up with her longtime girlfriend and moving back in with her refugee father, Hoai suddenly finds herself going head-to-head with the paralleling tensions of her father’s experience during the Vietnam War, and the current xenophobia in the United States.

  5. Iron Hands

    Johnson Cheng / Shorts / China, USA / 2017 / 10 mins
    A girl preparing to try out for the all-boys Chinese youth Olympic weightlifting team forms a bond with a gym’s secluded groundskeeper when he assists her with her technique.

  6. San Jose Tofu Co.

    Sean Au / Shorts / USA / 2018 / 12 mins
    After seven decades and three generations, Chester and Amy Nozaki discuss the decision to close the much hailed San Jose Tofu Company.

  7. Sunny

    Sam Chung / Shorts / USA / 2017 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 12 mins
    When a Korean American boy is offered a major role in his school’s upcoming production of ANNIE, he must overcome his insecurities and other people’s doubts on his ability to effectively bring the role to life.

  8. Woke

    Venk Potula / Shorts / USA / 2017 / 11 mins
    Passionate debate ensues as an African American activist takes a chance opportunity to engage with a Pakistani American wannabe rapper. When art collides with identity, how do you stay aware of the world?

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AMC Kabuki 8
May 14, 2018 6:40 pm Not Available