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Directed by Bryan Sih

Cast: John Yang Li, Katie Chan, Peter Chen

In this tense and emotional visionary short film by multimedia artist, Bryan Sih, a father and his son are visited one night by someone who claims to be part of the family. The only catch: they’ve been dead for years. 



About the filmmaker: Bryan Sih is a multimedia artist and activist who started his career as an educator, working alongside youth to make personal films and music videos using art therapy and community art models. He also worked as a director in ads creation at Youtube. Over time, he transitioned to directing music videos, branded content, documentaries, and narratives. His personal work revolves around themes of immigration, masculinity, and Otherness in the style of “slow cinema.” He is in post-production for a narrative film exploring passivity in romantic relationships, and a short documentary about an asylum seeker. He also volunteers with Chinatown Community for Equitable Development (CCED) to organize against gentrification.

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Don’t scream… or the monster lurking in the shadows might find you. In this terrifying shorts program, these frightening vision of horror will make you laugh, cry and scream. You have been warned.