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Directed by Huan Cheng

It is in the silent spaces of our lives that we often wrestle with ourselves. Follow the solitary journey of one woman as she navigates between isolation and intimacy in her daily struggle to find herself. Local filmmaker Huan Cheng’s experimental style masterfully represents the mental state of the protagonist. 


About the filmmaker: Huan Cheng is a Taiwanese multidisciplinary artist based in Bay Area. She dedicated to using media to investigate the umbrella of trauma work, and discovering the practice of work-life balance, sustainable simple living lifestyle. Her previous works include “Calm Down, Anny”, selected in the Beverly Hills Independent Film Festival 2019. “Danny, Danny” was selected in The Method Film Fest 2020. She is also a graphic designer, freelancing pitch deck design(Vincent Chin Series), public arts, logo branding, and illustrations. She had Artists Jim Campbell, Lynn Marie Kirby and Jeanne Finley as mentors working on the Salesforce Tower project. Her latest Salesforce Tower Art work “Virus Ball” collaborated with Narges Poursadeqi was displayed on March 2021 in San Francisco. She received her graduate certificate in Film at California College of the Arts.

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In this thought-provoking and forceful program, these characters are exploring their complex histories and envisioning their futures. SELF | PORTRAITS is a study on the power of identity and how we become who we are.