Directed by Ty Sanga

Cast: Ed Kenney

To celebrate Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC) 30th anniversary, CAAMFest is thrilled to showcase a plethora of films and programs they have produced or funded. Family Ingredients follows a beloved food memory or family recipe from a Hawaiʻi home to its origin.  Join Ed, the perfect guide, as he travels with a guest around the globe in search of who we are and where we came from through a simple recipe. With a passion for “farm to table” and locally sourced meat, fish and produce, Ed is committed to family, community and what we eat.

This program includes 2 episodes:

Season 1, Episode 2: If you have eaten ramen (noodles) in the United States, chances are those noodles are from Hidehito Uki’s family business called Sun Noodle. In this episode daughter Hisae Uki travels to her ancestral home of Okinawa with Ed Kenney. Together they taste the soup Okinawa calls their own.

Producers: Heather H. Giugni, Renea Veneri Stewart & Dan Nakasone

Plays in


For many years, CAAMFest has partnered with Pacific Islanders in Communication (PIC) to bring stories from the Pacific Islands to Bay Area audiences. We are thrilled to continue this legacy through our virtual festival. 2021 marks PIC’s 30th anniversary and we celebrate their rich legacy of impact telling stories and making positive change in the world.

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