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Directed by Bree Nieves

In a knock-out film by Filmmaker Bree Nieves, perfectly showcases her unique perspective and stunning visual style. Ofelía (Felí) lives in a small North Florida town and has to navigate accepting and defining herself as a Catholic Mixed-Race Woman of Color in a predominantly white community right in the heat of America’s Protestant Bible-Belt.


Bree Nieves (b. Oklahoma) is an emerging independent documentary filmmaker and narrative director. She works across narrative, doc, and experimental modes of filmmaking to address themes such as race, class, familial relationships, social justice, southern culture, and the asian and black diaspora in the United States. Bree has won multiple awards for her films, and has shown her installation work at Ringling Underground and the Sarasota Art Center (2018)

She currently works as an associate producer for Soledad O’Brien Productions and is a 2021 The Sauce, CAAM + NOVAC, Asian American Filmmakers in the South Fellow and a 2021 Unlock Her Potential Fellow. Her narrative short “Niceville” will have it’s online release in Spring of 2021. She continues to work on a number of short and long form films concerning racialized misperceptions of the body, faith, and ritual. She holds her Masters in Film and Television Directing and Production from MET Film School London and her B.A. in Religion and Philosophy with concentrations in Russian literature, Sociology, and Performative Art from the New College of Florida.

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