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Directed by Andrew Patrick Torrez

Cast: Jordan Ovitt

You have a new message. In this terrifying short film, a young girl stumbles into a text message conversation with an anonymous person that communicates entirely in Emojis. As the tension builds, things are not exactly what they seem.


About the filmmaker: Andrew Patrick Torrez began studying all aspects of film production at a very young age, starting with making short films and putting on plays during kindergarten. Over the years he honed the powerful visual style which he brings to all his projects, as well as his formidable storytelling ability.

Andrew has worked in both the studio and independent movie world, helming several feature length films including the psychological thriller Sickness House. As a director, his dark comedy feature film Under the Gun earned the “Official Selection” at the New York Independent Film Festival in Los Angeles and “Best Feature Length Comedy” at the MiniDV Festival. As a writer, he has worked for many independent feature film companies, including NuLight Productions and Mosaic Films. He also adapted The Book of Skulls for the SyFy network.

His short House Hunting has garnered several awards and screened at several film festivals including Hollyshorts, Burbank International Film Festival, Suncreen Film Festival and Silver Scream Film Festival to name a few. Smiley Death Face is his follow up short.

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Don’t scream… or the monster lurking in the shadows might find you. In this terrifying shorts program, these frightening vision of horror will make you laugh, cry and scream. You have been warned.