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Legacy and Lineage is a series of short films profiling the unique journeys of 5 Asian American community artists –  Sammay Dizon, Genny Lim, Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Sami See, Francis Wong – whose works consistently place community at the center. The films explore the reasons that drive these outstanding artists and legacies that may point to the direction of the future of Asian American artists in San Francisco. Produced by Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center.

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EPISODE 1Legacy & Lineage: Francis Wong

DESCRIPTION: “Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, there was a very powerful relationship between the making of art and the making of social change. Of course, at the center of that was the black arts movement.” Learn how Francis Wong involved himself in the Asian American movement through the change-making power of jazz to the making of 945 ArtSpace.

EPISODE 2Legacy & Lineage: Sami See

DESCRIPTION: “I really celebrate the women in my life that show me what it means to be Fil-Am…I want to preserve and uplift the ways they have taught me how to be a strong, independent, confident and compassionate woman.” Muralist and multimedia artist, Sami See shares her journey in honoring her community through Public Art.

EPISODE 3Legacy & Lineage: Isabelle Thuy Pelaud

DESCRIPTION: “That was one thing I always aspired to do: to write my family’s story…I didn’t think about becoming an artist. I just did.” Since the age of 10, Isabelle Thuy Pelaud wanted to write and tell stories. Now, she’s a professor in Asian American Studies and Founder of the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network (DVAN). Witness her journey.

EPISODE 4Legacy & Lineage: Sammay Dizon

DESCRIPTION: “I can be an artist and abundant.” Watch San Francisco local artist SAMMAY talk about her healing and artistic journey, all the way from Carson, California to URBAN x INDIGENOUS.

EPISODE 5Legacy & Lineage: Genny Lim

DESCRIPTION: “When you have that power, that ability other people don’t have, it’s how you use your authority and your power that counts. It’s not that you have it. It’s what you do with it.” From broadcast journalism to creative writing, Genny discusses the power of poetry and art to speak truth and transform systems.

About the filmmakers: ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER CULTURAL CENTER’s (APICC) mission is to support and present multidisciplinary art reflective of the unique experiences of Asians and Pacific Islanders living in the United States. APICC was founded in 1996 by representatives of five nonprofit arts groups: Asian American Dance Performances, First Voice, Asian Improv aRts, the Asian American Theater Company, and Kearny Street Workshop. Since 1998, the center has promoted the artistic and organizational growth of San Francisco’s API arts community by organizing and presenting the annual United States of Asian America Festival (now in its 24th year) as well as commissioning contemporary art for and by the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.


Laura Priscilla Paule, Director

Willis Lai, Cinematographer & Editor

Diana Chen, Video Assistant & Editor


Co-Presenters: Asian Pacific Islander Cultural CenterBAVC

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