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Centerpiece: Liquor Store Dreams

Directed by So Yun Um

Official Selection, Tribeca Film Festival 2022

First look, this film is a hand-held montage of pop culture references, challenging media stereotypes, and the license to dream that Korean immigrant liquor store owners have afforded their American-born kids. In the deep cuts, we see how complicated it is to imagine futures when you’re reconciling the controversies of the past. For filmmaker So Yun Um, it is addressing a palpable disconnect between her and her father rooted in racial tensions between the Korean and Black community. For Danny, this is a journey of healing, after forfeiting a dream job at Nike and returning to help his mother run the family store in Skid Row soon after his dad passes.

One part 90s flashbacks*, one part big dream energy, and two parts doing the work of healing generational trauma. You will aspire in a much bigger way after this film, maybe even raising up the last generation with you.

*Heads up, some references to police brutality and gun violence.

Filmmaker So Yun Um and her father expected to attend for a post-screening Q&A

Community Partners: Cut Fruit Collective, Korean American Community Foundation of SF, Asian American Documentary Network (A-Doc), Korean Center, Inc. (KCI)

Dates & Times


The Castro Theatre

Sat, May 13
12:00 pm