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House Party, sourdough starters, mutual aid networks, tips on trying to hunt down covid tests or vaccination appointments, our heroic essential workers, the great resignation, and a lot of grief (too much of it). We believe more and more we are in a “Post” Covid moment (cuz #science), but we are barely auditing that experience emotionally, or how we are altered by it. It will take time to process it all but here we’re presenting two films centering our stories of that time with care and community in mind.

We are presenting ANGEL DOSE by Sami Khan and WHO WE BECOME by PJ Raval for a back to back special treat. The screening will be followed by an extended conversation with the filmmakers for a deep dive into their unique filmmaking process, what it means to nurture and lift this next generation of young activists, bridging the intergenerational divide and empowerment through civic engagement.

10:30am: Doors open
11:00am: ANGEL DOSE screening starts (26 min)
11:30am: WHO WE BECOME screening starts (72 min)
12:45pm: Conversation with filmmakers
1:30pm: Event ends

All of us. Because, none of us were not in that pandemic.

Guests expected in attendance: Producer Vicky Lee (ANGEL DOSE) and Director PJ Raval (WHO WE BECOME) along with subjects Jenah Maravilla, Lauren Yap, and Monica Silverio (WHO WE BECOME).

Community Partners: Asian American Documentary Network (A-Doc), FMHI-SF

In this program

Angel Dose Still 3


Directed by Sami Khan

Each night after his shift Tarik, a Muslim American nurse, races against time to deliver expiring vaccines across Philadelphia.


Directed by PJ Raval

Three young Filipina women wrestle with the ramifications of the COVID-19 Pandemic and racial tensions.

Dates & Times


San Francisco Public Library

Sat, May 13
11:00 am