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A Great Divide

Directed by Jean Shim

Cast: Emerson Min, Jae Suh Park, Jaime McShane, Ken Jeong, Margaret Cho, Marshall Allman, MeeWha Alana Lee, Miya Cech, Seamus Dever, West Mulholland

When a Korean American family relocates from California to a small town in Wyoming, they don’t expect the town residents to pose a bigger threat than the bison, moose, and snakes they encounter at every turn. But such is the chilling wilderness presented in A Great Divide, directed by Jean Shim. The Lee family are new to Wyoming, seeking a fresh start. Dad (Ken Jeong) thinks it’s best to try to fit in, while Mom (Jae Suh Park) refuses to dull her reactions to unwelcoming town residents. As for 15-year old Ben (Emerson Min), he just misses his best friend Ellie (Miya Cech). Together, the family must navigate their outsider status and confrontations with a tight-knit community resistant to change.

– Nicole Wong

Expected Guests in Attendance: Director Jean Shim and Actor Emerson Min


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Dates & Times


The Great Star Theater

Sun, May 12
6:30 pm