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A Great Divide

Film A Great Divide Directed by Jean Shim A Korean American family uproots from the Bay Area for a small town in Wyoming.

After Sunset, Dawn Arrives

Film After Sunset, Dawn Arrives Directed by Andy Yi Li A close encounter sparks queer curiosity for an elderly widower dancing into a new chapter of his life.
Narrative Features

All Shall Be Well

Film All Shall Be Well Directed by Ray Yeung For a lesbian couple in Hong Kong, the ambient legalities of queer love carry deep emotional and financial…

Between Earth & Sky

Film Between Earth & Sky Directed by Andrew Nadkarni Studying “what grows back” after disturbance in the rainforest canopy, renowned ecologist Nalini Nadkarni must turn her research…

Boy Band

Film Boy Band Directed by Benedict Chiu After a disfiguring accident, a K-pop band member undergoes surgery to salvage his fracturing image.

Butterfly / Bataplai

Film Butterfly / Bataplai Directed by Veialu Aila-Unsworth Wrestling with her dream to become a makeup artist against her family’s values, Raya is visited by Papua…
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Centerpiece: Girls will be Girls

Film Centerpiece: Girls will be Girls Directed by Shuchi Talati No matter how remote you are in the Himalayas, is there a universe where your teenage sexual awakening…

Chan is Fishing

Film Chan is Fishing Directed by Jacqueline Chan An aging Hong Kong immigrant searches for the fishing spot pictured on a postcard from an old friend.

Dawn of Skates

Film Dawn of Skates Directed by Mitch Truong Through visits to the roller rink and the unexpected mentorship she receives there, a Vietnamese American teen finds…

Every Man A King

Film Every Man A King Directed by Nikhil Ganesh Repressed feelings come to light during a camping trip, as a Bay Area techie grapples with the changing…


Film homecoming Directed by Monica Mai When a father returns home from prison on the night of his estranged teen’s homecoming dance, the pair…

I Would’ve Been Happy

Film I Would’ve Been Happy Directed by Jordan Wong Architectural schematic abstractions rendered in ceramic and cyanotype excavate the memories of a broken family from the folds…

“I’m good.”

Film “I’m good.” Directed by Xindi Zhang During a phone call between mother and daughter, a chance to open up turns into a moment of…

Kai Hali’a (Sea of Memory)

Film Kai Hali’a (Sea of Memory) Directed by Angelique Kalani Axelrode In a realm of abstracted and embodied memory, a diasporic Kānaka traces a genealogy of identity through kūpuna…
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Meeting You, Meeting Me

Film Meeting You, Meeting Me Directed by Lina Suh An unexpected, much-needed friendship arrives at your doorstep.

Mosquito Lady

Film Mosquito Lady Directed by Kristine Gerolaga Philippine manananggal folklore meets a present-day struggle to access reproductive care.

Next of Kin

Film Next of Kin Directed by Timothy Guion Smith After a painful rejection, mother and son connect over the inheritance of HIV/AIDS “poz undetectable” status.
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Film Nikah Directed by Bastien Ehouzan, Mukaddas Mijit Set in Uyghur in northwestern China, 27-year-old Dilber endures the pressure from her family to get married. Her…

Order for Pickup

Film Order for Pickup Directed by Jackie! Zhou A woman must find a way back to herself as her reality blurs into a cycle of work…
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Film Owl Directed by Julian Pham A daughter takes over her dad’s locksmith business and unlocks something that changes the course of their lives.


Film Retrieval Directed by Fatimah Asghar In a soul retrieval at the threshold of fantasy and reality, a young woman retraces a moment frozen…


Film Seventeen Directed by Geqi Li Sex work, teen pregnancy, and abortion challenge a mother-daughter relationship.
Content advisory: This film includes depictions of nudity and…
Narrative Features

Smoking Tigers

Film Smoking Tigers Directed by So Young Shelly Yo A meditation on the teenage desire to belong — to family, friends, and culture.

Something Blue

Film Something Blue Directed by Jinsui Song Fragmented memories of unspoken trauma bubble up at a cousin’s wedding.

Squeegee Boy

Film Squeegee Boy Directed by Chung-Wei Huang A trans Asian American preteen finds friendship among squeegee boys, with whom issues of race and gender collide.


Film Stitched Directed by Lorena Lourenco Can a frankenstein boyfriend soothe the annoyances of diasporic dating?

The Ali’i King

Film The Ali’i King Directed by Christine Kunewa Walker Set in the 1960’s a road trip from Utah to the opening of Tikiland in California unveils painful…

The Fanatics

Film The Fanatics Directed by Laura Skokan A desperate mother is willing to pursue any means necessary to recover her daughter after the collapse of…
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The Lyricist Wannabe

Film The Lyricist Wannabe Directed by Norris Wong An aspiring Canto-pop lyricist navigates the biting realities of adulthood as she chases her passion for writing.

The Performance

Film The Performance Directed by Claire Zhou In a coming out of her own, an immigrant mother navigates her religious community’s disapproval of her child’s…


Film Thirstygirl Directed by Alexandra Qin Two sisters struggle with addiction and mental health on a trip through the American South.

White Butterfly

Film White Butterfly Directed by Catherine Nguyen A return to Vietnam offers a Vietnamese American daughter a portal into her late mother’s Hau Dong ritual…