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Directed by Mukaddas Mijit, Bastien Ehouzan

2017- the stage is set in the Uyghur Region, and Dilber is 27 year-old and her little sister, Rena, is getting married. Her mother puts it on herself to find a husband as soon as possible. We learn it isn’t just because of Dilber’s age, but because of the local government’s mounting pressures on a quickly shrinking Uyghur community. More and more Uyghurs are arrested every day, for unclear reasons, heightening the state of anxiety for all. An outside perspective from her girlfriend, Gulnur, in Paris, offers a solution and it comes at many costs, but will it be enough? A crafted film, with rare and fetching scenes of Xinjiang Uyghur, and a distant life in Paris depicted only through a vertical frame on a smartphone. A beautiful yet haunting cautionary tale of a receding culture that may otherwise be unknown.


Open Captions: There are open English subtitles.
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Dates & Times


The New Parkway Theater

Sun, May 19
12:30 pm