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Directed by Julian Pham

Cast: Marica Petrey, Randall Nakano, Robert Lee

After a few years away, Jean Kaneko returns home to Oakland to help her ailing father. Hoping there’s a quick band aid solution so she can get back to her life, she realizes the problems are bigger than expected. Being home brings up painful memories that she must face. Meanwhile, she takes over her dad’s locksmith business and through these jobs she begins to learn more about the world (and herself), including a risky opportunity that may help her dad – but at what cost is she willing to do it?


Expected Guests in Attendance: Director Julian Pham, Co-producer/Lead Actress Marica Petrey, Actor Robert M. Lee, Actor Randall Nakano, Editor Sophia Wang, DP Andres Gallegos

Dates & Times


The New Parkway Theater

Sun, May 19
6:30 pm