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All I Want is Everything

Directed by Alexandra Cuerdo

Cast: Brandon Soo Hoo, Michelle Mao, Slayrizz, Yen Nguyen

Alice Kim strives for top universities and a prestigious job in the medical field. Unfortunately, her grades won’t make the cut, and her undocumented status adds a roadblock to many of her plans. But she’s willing to take any means necessary to achieve her ambitions—even if that includes dealing with forgery, fraud, drugs, and crime in the most chaotic, colorful parts of New York City.

Plays in

Great Expectations

At decisive moments in our lives, secret human incongruities bubble to the surface. These narratives profile characters facing those crossroads where they must choose who they really are. Whether it be in a declining ballroom dance studio or a tumultuous Eid party, we are reminded of the excitement, fear, sadness, and joy that come with ambition and expectations.