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Directed by Erica Eng

Cast: Amber Gaston, Charles Yan, Helen Ong, Jo Mendoza, Mark Neely, Shannon Dang, Sharar Ali-Speaks, Terry Hu

Eng is boundless: she’s Chinese-American, a basketball player, and a high-school student. Unfortunately, she struggles with her hyphenated cultural identity, sits on the bench during basketball games, and doesn’t fit in with anyone in her class. As her sophomore year steadily comes to a close, she endeavors to find a place for herself—and make sense of intersecting worlds that don’t accept her. With its firm sense of place and self, Americanized is a sincere foray into coming-of-age and self-acceptance.

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The cities by the Bay have always had a reputation for eclectic personalities of all ages. From basketball to streaming, this collection of films highlights the fascinating stories of both real and fictional figures whose paths land on the Bay Area streets. When we walk amongst our local communities, we remember that these people walk with us.

Dates & Times


The New Parkway Theater

Sun, May 22
2:00 pm