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Don’t Worry About It

Directed by Melissa Kong

Cast: Hanah Chang, Allyson, Womack, Carla DiSilvestro, Jon Hatje, Cooper Hoyt, Susaan Jamshidi, Em Modaff, Keisha Champagne

After her father dies from cancer, a young woman’s obsessive-compulsive disorder slips out of her control. She enters an intensive therapy program and grapples with her fears and regrets. But she is determined to overcome her struggles with a bright outlook—otherwise, she might succumb to them. Don’t Worry About It is a clever dramedy that confronts grief and mental illness.

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Spectral Drivers

Phantoms of the shameful past—of the unsteady future—of things gone unsaid—manifest in different ways. Whether they come from unspoken traumas, high aspirations, community pressures, or inhibiting grief, the specters in these films represent the forces that inhibit us and the resilience that drives us forward.