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Hannah’s Biography

Directed by Patricia Lee

Cast: Chris Riggins, Irene Park

At eighty-one years old, you might think Hannah’s settled into some kind of routine – and you’d be wrong. The new divorcee is unsatisfied living by her daughter’s rules and her dedication to her newest hobby is no laughing matter. As she sneakings out of the house during the day, Hannah reminds us that exciting adventures await us no matter where we are in our lives.

This film also plays in the in-person screening Homegrown.

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Plays in

New Journeys

Caring for those around us can demand we break out of the habitual to meet the moment. Whether it be fallen comrades, grandchildren, neighbors, or themselves, these characters confront their challenges with strength that can only be acquired through years of experience. Surviving and at times, thriving, these films remind us that there are always new journeys in our lives.