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Ka Ho’i: The Return

Directed by Mitchell Viernes

Cast: Ed Dearmore

In Ka Ho‘i, an aging Hawaiian War Veteran grapples with the nightmares of his past, and the even scarier thought of being forgotten as the world around him seems to leave him in the dust. One night, he hears a familiar voice calling him from the beach, and what he encounters is beyond anything he could have imagined. A beautiful film combining Hawaiian mythology and contemporary issues, Ka Ho’i reminds us that wherever a Hawiaan goes, there too, is Hawaii.

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New Journeys

Caring for those around us can demand we break out of the habitual to meet the moment. Whether it be fallen comrades, grandchildren, neighbors, or themselves, these characters confront their challenges with strength that can only be acquired through years of experience. Surviving and at times, thriving, these films remind us that there are always new journeys in our lives.