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Directed by Abhichoke Chandrasen

Cast: Prapamonton Eiamchan, Wizz Inasia, Nat Kitcharit, Maythavee Burapasing

According to Thai folklore, misrepresenting a spirit in film leads to deadly consequences. A passionate Thai scoring assistant never finishes her projects—but when her supervisor threatens to fire her, she takes on a new Thai horror movie. Her work has to be immaculate, or the film’s evil spirit will not let her live past the night. OST is a haunting glimpse into the toll that perfectionism takes on creative minds.

Plays in

Spectral Drivers

Phantoms of the shameful past—of the unsteady future—of things gone unsaid—manifest in different ways. Whether they come from unspoken traumas, high aspirations, community pressures, or inhibiting grief, the specters in these films represent the forces that inhibit us and the resilience that drives us forward.