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Pacific Showcase

This series of films and conversations is a collaboration with our National Multicultural Alliance (NMCA) partner, Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC). PIC supports, advances, and develops Pacific Island media content and talent that results in a deeper understanding of Pacific Island history, culture, and contemporary challenges.

In this program

Closing Night: Every Day in Kaimukī

Directed by Alika Tengan

When his girlfriend receives an opportunity outside of their small Hawaiian town, Kaimukī, Naz also decides to leave. Though, the journey towards the hustle and bustle of New York spurs Naz to question everything—from logistics for his cat to whether he’ll ever find belonging.

CAAM Filmmaker Summit Session 3

Session 3: Perspectives from the Pacific

FREE (registration required) What’s in a name? For people, itʻs a way we identify ourselves, who we are…

Last Hawiian Sugar

Directed by Dèjá Cresencia Bernhardt

Twelve-year-old Nua makes peace with the mixed emotions she has about the land she lives on when she learns the sugar plantation she calls home will be closed forever.

Kåntan Hereru – A Black Smith’s Song

Directed by Sean Lizama

Guam’s only living Master blacksmith shares the importance of his craft to daily life in the past and tries to find a place for it in a modern landscape.

River of Small Gods

Directed by Bradley Tangonan

On the brink of eviction, a Hawaiian woman takes a job from a mysterious sculptor to retrieve stones from a riverbed deep in the forests of northern O‘ahu.


Directed by Chris A. Johns

Scientists in Hawaii race against time to save rare snails that are both culturally and ecologically significant.