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CAAMFest 2015


Directed by Ando Momoko

CinemAsia / Japan / 2014 / Narrative / 198 mins / Japanese with English subtitles


In her second feature, director Ando Momoko tells the story of Sawa (Ando Sakura), a young woman who cares for the elderly. Struggling to make ends meet after making a conscious decision that stretches her morals to fulfill an old man’s wish, she is left on the street, broke and alone. A nomad of sorts, Sawa shrewdly strikes enigmatic relationships with other elderly men, challenging the disconnect between their generations and persistently edging her way into their lives. At first just a means to an end, Sawa quickly develops father-daughter like relationships with these men, eventually leading her to come full circle.

Adapted from Momoko’s first novel, Ando guides audiences through Sawa’s anecdotes while subtly addressing the issues of class, patriarchy and sexism Japan has faced for years. Her stories reflect the resiliency and courage of the female mind, through a life of servitude.

– Kevin Lee

Co-Presenter: Japan Society of Northern California

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