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CAAMFest 2015


Shorts / 93 mins


Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
March 14, 2015 12:15 pm Not Available


Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
March 18, 2015 9:25 pm Not Available


Bold and eye-opening, this mosaic of films takes you to the “Flipside.” These films powerfully illustrate unconventional perspectives other than our own, illuminating life’s complexities for all its joy and grief. A passionate dancer is also a dedicated daughter, a comedian isn’t always so funny and a blond-haired boy may just be Asian. Created with surprising empathy, these directors attempt to assure you that many things, and people, are more than what they seem.

—  Laura Paule

Co-Presenter: South Asian Sisters

In This Program

  1. D.Asian

    Sarah Smith / Shorts / USA / 2014 / Narrative, Short / 9 mins
    In 4th grade, everyone wants to fit in somewhere. For an endearing boy named Daniel fitting in means defying expectations, by having the best Hello Kitty collection, getting attention from the class’ cutest boy, and proving that he really is Asian.

  2. Dandekar Makes a Sandwich

    Leena Pendharkar / Shorts / USA / 2014 / Narrative, Short / 8 mins
    Anyone who has worked customer service knows, it is always the pickiest and persistent customers that are the worst to help. As Dandekar shops for sandwich ingredients in a grocery store, the resulting product is quite worth the effort.

  3. Give It Up

    Justin Tan / Shorts / USA / 2014 / Drama, Narrative, Short / 5 mins
    A comedian’s job is to make people laugh. But a comedian’s life is mostly far from cheerful. Justin Tan stars and directs himself in a brutally honest depiction of a performer’s struggles and the hope that some good might come out of it.

  4. Hypebeasts

    Jessica dela Merced / Shorts / USA / 2013 / Bay Area Connection, Narrative, Short / 19 mins
    The slickest new kicks are just about to be released and young sneakerheads line up get them. Antsy to get a pair, a cut in the line pushes tensions to a outbreak. Produced by CAAMFest filmmaker, Marissa Aroy, HYPEBEASTS brings a pop-y focus on a youth subculture and its flaws.

  5. My Hot Mom Gandhi

    Reena Karia / Shorts / USA / 2014 / Narrative, Short / 5 mins
    Driving around San Francisco, an Indian American couple try to plan a funny, relevant and provocative party costume. Funny, relevant, and provocative in and of itself, the film brings up the question, “Are drones funnier than white face?”

  6. N. King

    Kali Kasashima / Shorts / USA / 2014 / Narrative, Short / 10 mins
    Kalany is a young guy, trying to get ahead in this world with a little help from his friend. But when their job goes violently awry, tensions force him to see a different point of view and choose what kind of person he wants to be.

  7. The Other Side

    Akiko Izumitani / Shorts / USA / 2014 / Narrative, Short / 15 mins
    Somewhere between “Taken,” “Infernal Affairs,” and a Jackie Chan film, this action-packed drama was made. The hero fights the bad guys, but the bad guy might want to be a hero as well. Brace yourself for this not-so-typical action flick.

  8. Woman In Fragments

    Quan Zhou / Shorts / China / 2014 / Narrative, Short / 20 mins
    Anne’s life is consumed by dancing, but she struggles to harness and evoke that passion. A family emergency strikes and suddenly she discovers strength unbeknown to her, in this poignantly cinematic mother-daughter story.

Dates & Times


Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
March 14, 2015 12:15 pm Not Available


Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
March 18, 2015 9:25 pm Not Available