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CAAMFest 2016

H.P. Mendoza’s Takeover


H.P. Mendoza’s Takeover

March 17, 2016 6:00 pm Tickets available at:


H.P. Mendoza kicks off the Asian Art Museum’s new series, TAKEOVER, jointly produced as part of CAAMFest 2016. Over the past decade, Mendoza has explored themes of identity, nostalgia, gentrification and even torture policy. As a storyteller, his preoccupations with musicals, horror films, 8-bit games and virtual reality have been mostly mutually exclusive. But on March 17, the filmmaker mashes them together into an indoor block party called H.P. Mendoza’s TAKEOVER. The San Francisco-based creator of COLMA: THE MUSICAL and FRUIT FLY hosts a one-night event and party at the museum comprised of three components:

ANAGLYPH, a retro 3D showcase and lounge of Mendoza’s work. Put on a pair of 3D glasses to immerse yourself in various worlds from Mendoza’s media;

SUPER MUSEUM HUNT, an alternate reality 8-bit game that has guests use their smartphones to solve a museum-wide puzzle together;

MISSION ARCADE, a live retrospective of the movies and music of H.P. Mendoza transforms Samsung Hall, dancing optional but recommended.

TAKEOVER is a new series produced by the Asian Art Museum to highlight the work of dynamic and visionary creative minds beyond visual art. Each year, the museum will honor three individuals to acknowledge their contribution to culture today, both in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Like the series title suggests, each individual will take over the museum and curate the event featuring his or her own work, as well as present ideas, innovations and inspirations from others in his/her professional and personal circles.

Tickets available at:

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H.P. Mendoza’s Takeover

March 17, 2016 6:00 pm Tickets available at: