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Chee and T

Directed by Tanuj Chopra

Narrative / USA / 2016 / Bay Area Connection, Comedy, Narrative / 80 mins / English / Color / San Francisco Premiere

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Chee and T

Alamo Drafthouse
March 11, 2017 3:10 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets


Living in the tech bubble of Silicon Valley, dynamic duo Chee and T are anything but tech savvy. They just can’t seem to get things right while making a living off of odd jobs while knocking down doors and bullying locals to collect rent for Chee’s Uncle Rob, a wealthy landlord-tycoon. Trapped under Uncle Rob’s influence, Chee and T’s lives are stuck in neutral. That is until Uncle Rob asks them to take care of Mayunk— his once shy, now wild young nephew— and to get him ready for his engagement party. It’s an easy decision at first until they really begin to understand Mayunk. That’s when the real challenge begins.

In this charming buddy comedy, Director Tanuj Chopra, delivers a hilarious new film that captures the growing pains of becoming an adult in an overtly selfish world. Part comedy and part drama, CHEE AND T, is a race through the friendship of two good friends and the odd variable that teaches them about family.

— Kevin Lee

Expected Guests in Attendance: Tanuj Chopra (Director/Writer), Sohini Sengupta (Producer), Sunkrish Bala (Actor)

Co-presented by: 3rd i Film Festival, Frameline, Trikone


Writers: Tanuj Chopra & Chee Malabar
Producer: Sohini Sengupta
Co-Producers: Sunkrish Bala, Christine Kwon
Editor: Karim Lopez

Dates & Times

Chee and T

Alamo Drafthouse
March 11, 2017 3:10 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets