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83 mins


New Parkway Theater
March 18, 2017 3:10 pm At Rush


The stage takes on many forms in this shorts program, including stretched canvas, music halls and even the world of sports. At the center of each stage is a captivating performer, whose craft conveys an emotional journey, discipline and success.

Co-presented by: Asian American Activities Center – Stanford UniversityKQED Film School Shorts, KQED Truly CA

In This Program

  1. Cliff, Superfan!

    Diane Quon / Shorts / USA / 2016 / 27 mins
    In the last 22 years, Cliff Hiyashi has attended over 4,000 Stanford games. The parent of Stanford athletes, filmmaker Diane Moy Quon explores the history, charm and persistance behind the man nicknamed Stanford's "Superfan."

  2. Crescendo

    Christina YR Jun / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Short / 6 mins
    A dreamer has to decide between playing violin and an encroaching future. Through a dramatic decision and family bonds Vishal struggles past immigrant life and the realities of the American Dream.

  3. Dancing Through Life: The Dorothy Toy Story

    Rick Quan / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Short / 26 mins
    Swinging and twirling Dorothy Toy Fong the legendary tap dancer is still exciting at 99 years old. Award-winning reporter Rick Quan traces Fong’s journey as a famous duo with Paul Wing and exciting run with her Oriental Showgirl group. Fong’s wondrous spirit dances off the screen and into your heart.

  4. Kanon Rock

    Nicholas Dobkin / Shorts / USA / 2016 / 6 mins
    Watch an animated spectacle as colors and lights fly by the screen following the famous tune of Johann Pachelbel in this rock inspired film. A colorful look at the struggles of making your dreams comes true KANON ROCK strings together a magical story.

  5. Song On Canvas

    Keo Woolford / Shorts / USA / 2016 / 15 mins
    Keo Woolford director of THE HAUMANA Best First Feature at the 2013 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival illustrates a heartfelt tale of a painter finding his way. At the core the tale captures a relationship between a mother and her son which Woolford delicately directs in this reminiscent short.

  6. Speak Chinglish

    Lila Yomtoob / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Short / 3 mins
    Expectations and realities don’t quite match up during Jenna Lee’s awkward and hilarious acting audition.

Dates & Times


New Parkway Theater
March 18, 2017 3:10 pm At Rush