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92 mins


Roxie Theater
March 12, 2017 4:40 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets


Family has a tendency to create immediacy in all of us in times of sadness, happiness and everything else in between. The bonds between relatives across all generations are both unique and universal in all cultures. This diversity is what ties us all together in IMMEDIATE FAMILY.

Co-presented by: Bay Area Women in Film & Media, Asian Pacific Fund

In This Program

  1. Call Taxi

    Julian Kim / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 18 mins
    Jason calls a Korean Call Taxi service to give him a lift to JFK for an early morning flight, and as fate would have it, the driver is none other than his father. Unfortunately, after a quick trip to a 24-hour Korean mart, they experience car problems and rising tensions.

  2. Fanny Pack

    Uttera Singh / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Comedy, Family / 11 mins
    A young Indian-American woman tries to catch a flight bound for New York to pursue her dreams when suddenly her overprotective, fanny pack clad father attempts to stop her in hopes of getting her to follow his plans for her instead.

  3. Harry on the Clouds

    Aya Shiroi / Shorts / Japan / 2015 / Animation, Narrative Fiction, Short / 4 mins
    A heartwarming and bittersweet tale of love and loss, HARRY ON THE CLOUDS tells the story of a lamb visiting its mother on earth moments before moving on to the afterlife.

  4. Our Time

    Arpita Kumar / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Bay Area Connection, Short / 11 mins
    Technology plays a significant role in the unfolding family rupture and dynamics between Maira and her mother as she discovers fragmented recordings of her parents through the mobile devices around her home; which forces her to confront a reality that would prompt her to grow up.

  5. Queen of Earth

    Chelbert Dai / Shorts / USA / 2016 / 7 mins
    After the collapse of civilization and forgoing the natural world, a 10-year-old girl finds herself alone in an ethereal existence as she waits for her parents’ return.

  6. Sit

    Yoko Okumura / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Documentary, Short / 12 mins
    At the age of 22, Shohaku found his purpose in life when he committed himself to the practice of Buddhism and was ordained as a monk. A generation later, his 22-year-old son Masaki struggles to find a purpose to devote his life to.

  7. The Sounds of Coin Hitting Brass

    Andrew Stephen Lee / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 14 mins
    A young boy comes to comes to understand that his enigmatic father is a gambling drifter who loiters in laundromats listening to coin change machines that sound like casino slots.

  8. Two Sisters

    Keola Racela / Shorts / South Korea, USA / 2015 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 16 mins

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Roxie Theater
March 12, 2017 4:40 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets