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85 mins


Roxie Theater
March 11, 2017 7:30 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets


Breaking the barriers of tradition is not a walk in the park. The ups and downs of this shorts program will guide you through the experiences of diverse LGBTQ protagonists and their quests for acceptance in the face of uncertainty.

Co-presented by: API Equality Nor Cal, APIQWTC Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender CommuniityHuman Rights CampaignQueer Cultural Center

In This Program

  1. The Book of Living And Dying

    Sara Yang / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Short / 13 mins
    Martina, an Italian transgender woman, is in denial about her impending death from cancer. To escape her circumstance, she makes an urgent effort to convince her practical-minded adopted daughter, Eve, to accompany her on a trip to Tibet. However, their approaches to living life butt heads in the process.

  2. Drugs for Unicorns

    Jaq Nguyen Victor / Shorts / USA / 2016 / 10 mins
    A unicorn is in need of some medical attention, yet is constantly turned away from physicians a.k.a. “realists.” Things begin to get better for the unicorn for the right doctor is found and has just the right cure for this horned creature; in lolz, glitter, self-determination, and glee.

  3. Escaping Agra

    Pallavi Somusetty / Shorts / India, USA / 2016 / Culture, Documentary, Short, Social Issue / 23 mins
    19-year old transgender college student, Naveen Bhat chronicles their experience of being illegally detained by their parents in Agra, India after their true sexuality and identity is revealed. With the support of their partner Madi, Madi's family, and the Indian LGBT activist group who helped saved them, Naveen gives the viewers a firsthand account of the tribulations they had to undergo in their quest to live a life they could truly call their own.

  4. Nuoc

    Quyên Nguyen-Le / Shorts / USA / 2016 / Experimental, Short / 5 mins

  5. Pria

    Yudho Aditya / Shorts / Indonesia / 2017 / 22 mins
    In a time of great expectation and pressure stemming from the traditions of his upbringing, Aris—a gay Muslim teenager living in rural Indonesia—finds himself increasingly drawn to his well-traveled English teacher despite his upcoming marital preparations to a woman he harbors no romantic feelings for. With his whole life planned out for him by his parents, Aris struggles with the conflicting notions of tradition, duty and his own personal idea of happiness.

  6. The Right Bank

    Yvonne Li / Shorts / USA / 2016 / 12 mins
    A young woman struggles to come out to her conservative mother. However, when her relationship with her girlfriend is put in jeopardy over the ongoing secrets and lies, she realizes that she must finally put her insecurities aside and finally be he honest with her mother.

  7. Two-Sided Ride

    Jason Karman / Shorts / Canada / 2016 / 9 mins
    Told through the single point perspective of a dash cam inside a car, TWO-SIDED RIDE provides an intimate outlook into the life of Alex—a gay driver for a ride-booking service—as he encounters passengers and misfortunes in his search for a romantic connection in the city.

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Roxie Theater
March 11, 2017 7:30 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets