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20 Weeks

Directed by Leena Pendharkar

Narratives / USA / 2017 / Narrative / 90 mins / English

20 Weeks

AMC Kabuki 8
May 14, 2018 9:10 pm Not Available


Romantic getaways and late-night escapades begin to take a back seat once lovers Maya and Ronan realize that they are expecting a baby. When confronted with the news that their unborn child’s has encountered developmental problems during the 20-week routine scan, the-soon-to-be-parents are forced to confront the unknown realities and future of their relationship. Set in present-day Los Angeles and inspired by a true story of the film’s writer/director, Leena Pendharkar, 20 WEEKS is a romance drama that follows the couple as they tackle the challenges brought upon learning their child’s condition and the impact it has on their personal views of parenthood, themselves and future of their relationship and family.

With outstanding performances by Anna Margaret Hollyman (MAUDE, WHITE REINDEER) and Amir Arison (FORTRESS, THE BLACKLIST), the film poignantly depicts the complexities of childbirth, biology, relationships, and uncertainty in the face of pending parenthood.

— Czarina Garcia

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Director: Leena Pendharkar


Writer: Leena Pendharker
Executive Producers: Renuka Pullat, Alice Stacey, Saila Kariat
Producer: Jane Kelly Kosek
Cinematographer: Daud Sani
Editor: David Hopper
Cast: Anna Margaret Hollyman, Amir Arison, Sujata Day, Michelle Krusiec

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Dates & Times

20 Weeks

AMC Kabuki 8
May 14, 2018 9:10 pm Not Available